ZDAMWU was born out of long frustration by Mine workers due to misrepresentation by unions that were only interested in subscriptions. The long suffering of mine workers can be changed if us as a congress put in place strategies, propose policies that address bread and butter issues as well as address challenges being faced by current, retired workers in the industry, articulating the aspirations of our members who deserve a better life among the Zimbabwean society.

Workers & Human Rights

We represent workers and human rights in the work place.ZIMBABWE DIAMOND & ALLIED MINERALS WORKERS UNION is there to protect your rights as an employee.

Safety & Health

We believe workers should work in a safe and healthy envionment. We are here to help you ensure your right to safe and healthy environment is respected.

Rule of Law, Equality and Inclusion

ZIMBABWE DIAMOND & ALLIED MINERALS WORKERS UNION advocate for fair work practices. We strive to make sure our members receive fair treatment at their workplace. We are here to represent you in case of unfair dismissal.

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Representing, mine workers.




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November 21, 2017

Press Statement Over The Shooting Of Employees At Redeem Mine In The Midlands Province.

Zimbabwe Diamond And Allied Minerals Workers Union (ZDAMWU) Press Statement Over The Shooting Of Employees At Redeem Mine In The Midlands Province. The Zimbabwe Diamond and Allied Minerals Workers Union (ZDAMWU) has leant with shock the shooting of two mine employees by his Chinese employer at Reedem Mine in...


November 21, 2017

ZDAMWU fights to participate in the NEC

A lot of workers in the mining industry have asked this Question. Why is ZDAMWU not represented at the NEC? Our simple answer to this question is: The NEC was established as a voluntary organisation by two parties the Chamber of Mines and the Associated Mine Workers Union of...


November 21, 2017

Understanding Basic Trade Unionism (Part 1)

Understanding Basic Trade Unionism (Part 1) Most workers do not know the reason why they should join a trade union. Firstly let me start by defining what a trade union is. A trade union organisation can simply be defined as a democratic, permanent, continuous, independent and voluntary organisation created...