ZDAMWU statement on the mistreatment of workers by Makomo Resources

We have learnt with shock the mistreatment of workers by Coal-mining firm Makomo Resources who reportedly verbally terminated its workers’ contracts following a disagreement over unpaid two-months’ salaries.

If the media reports on the impasse between Makomo Resources management and the workers is anything to go by ZDAMWU is not going to hesitate taking up this matter to assist workers.

We are not only shocked by the attitude of Makomo management but we are also condemning  this mistreatment of workers. 

As a pro-miners union ZDAMWU is not going to take this matter lying down. Workers must not be silenced and intimidated in demanding their dues. 

We want to assure workers that we are together in this struggle ZDAMWU is very active now our resolve to represent workers remains unshaken.

We have gathered that the mistreatment of workers is not only confined to Makomo Resources. There are also some big mines out there who are threatening workers when they demand their dues. ZDAMWU is not going to take such issues lying down. ZDAMWU is going to fight until our miners rights are restored, we will fight until miner workers are given their dues. 

 To the workers as we are closing the year it is very important to look back to what we have learnt this year and try to put it into practice as we enter 2021. 

The capitalists are not backing down in depriving what rightfully belongs to us. What this simply means is that if  we don’t organise to fight for our space and rights as workers we will be crushed to death by these capitalists.

Let’s organise  and fight back in reclaiming our rights. 


Justice Chinhema

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