Miners safety our key priority during Covid-19 lockdown

Miners safety our key priority during Covid-19 lockdown

The Zimbabwe Diamond and Allied Mineral Workers Union (ZDAMWU) would like to assure our union members that their safety during this Covid-19 period is our key priority.
ZDAMWU would also like to assure our membership that we are doing everything within our powers to be cleared to work
We are aware that there are some unscrupulous employers who would not be complying with the Covid-19 regulations to ensure workers safety taking advantage of the lockdown period which will have minimal inspections at the mining sites.
ZDAMWU is pushing currently engaging relevant authorities to be given the green light so that we will be on the ground inspecting and monitoring for compliance to Covid-19 regulations in our mining sites.
We are cognizant of the fact that our absence on the ground will have long term effects on the workers as they will be exposed heavily especially the small scale mining enterprises who in most instances do not want to follow the law and be compliant.
During the previous lockdowns, we were carrying out awareness campaigns, distributing face masks to communities and compounds benefiting wives/families of workers. With the surge of cases, ZDAMWU need to continue carrying out the activities they have already started.
We urge Employers to provide adequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
I t is also high time that Covid-19 allowance is introduced to the mine industry.
To workers we urge them to stay safe, practice safety practices during this trying period.
We are alive to the fact that mine workers are faced with a plethora of challenges ranging from a surge in covid cases, poor safety causing accidents and poor remuneration amongst other challenges.
As a union we will not tire in reclaiming the worker’s rights.
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