IndustriAll capacitate Zdamwu with gadgets

IndustriAll capacitate Zdamwu with gadgets

The Zimbabwe Diamond and Allied Minerals Workers Union (Zdamwu) would like to extend gratitude to our global affliliate IndustriAll for capacitating us with gadgets.

This day 29 November 2021 will go down in the union’s history as a turning point in our activities as we have received a  Canon Digital camera a Huawei MediaPad  and an Accer laptop from IndustriAll as support for union building.

As  the administration we really appreciate this recognition of the good work being done by the union’s staff members who are working very hard everyday to make sure ZDAMWU becomes number one in representing mine workers in Zimbabwe.

It gladden our hearts that IndustriAll recognizes the work the union is doing towards organising, recruitment and information sharing as well as activities we do on the ground.

Thank you IndustriAll

From Zdamwu

General Secretary

Justice Chinhema

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