Secretary General


We seek to set ourselves apart from those other unions in the industry in the way we conduct our business. Theories and misconceptions about trade unions abound .There are those who say they don’t need trade union because they have lawyers, others say trade unions are there to siphon their hard earned salaries and is never a necessity, as such they discourage those who already joined saying it’s a waste of money to be member of a trade union. It is made worse when they bring their cases to the union expecting quick results and immediate resolutions of disputes, but it takes ages to see results, they become frustrated and angry with the union.

I am excited about the future of our Industry and new investors who are showing interest in the Mining Industry, we shall stand ready to defend our rights and interests, we say no to looters and exploiters.We shall be on every corner of Zimbabwe to hear the expectations of mine workers.

Rule of Law, Equality and Inclusion

We seek to see the mining industry workers influencing how the economy should be run as well as being recognized as stake holders not subjects.

Safety & Health

We seek to see mine workers living the life commensurate to the resources they extract.